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Upcoming Workshops

Yoga Nidra with Lori

January 17th, 6:00p

A perfect class to destress and unwind.

“Yoga Nidra takes the body into a deeply relaxed state much like REM sleep except that you are fully conscious at all times.” -Yogi Amrit Desai

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and cushion to make yourself comfortable for this practice.  There are four steps:

  1. Lie down
  2. Get Comfortable
  3. Close your eyes 
  4. Relax

Bandha (Body Locks) A Secret
to Youth & Vitality! with Matthew

January 30th, 2:30p

* Open for all levels.
* Suitable to take over and over again – you will gain each time.

Bandhas enliven and wake up the nervous system and activate glands. They promote youth and connect the energetic systems with the body. They uplift and strengthen the bones, connective tissues and surrounding joints when practiced with asana.  The practice of bandhas increases flow of fresh blood flushing away old, dead cells.  Organs are strengthened and rejuvenated, and circulation is improved.  Bandhas are also beneficial for the brain centers and help to strengthen the pelvic floor which helps to prevent many problems and improve function.  Bandhas also help to preventing injuries in and out of your yoga practice.  In yoga terms, bandhas also help to awaken the energy centers / chakras and purify the nervous system.  The practice of bandhas alleviates stress, mind uncontrollable mind chatter and mental restlessness.

Adding Bandhas to your practice help develop an intimate awareness of and connection to breath and the natural movements of energy (Prana, Chi, Ki, Natural Electric/Magnetism). Bandhas help to preventing injuries.

Covered in this workshop:

(+) Understanding how bandhas support and improve your practice

(+) How to practice bandha as a standalone practice with breathwork

(+) How to integrate bandhas into your current practice

(+) How adding bandhas to your practice will increase your vital energy

(+) You will learn the five bandhas

* Included in the Unlimited Monthly Membership, Students with cards can use a class on your card or pay $10.