Wednesday, November 20th 6 – 7 pm

In the traditions of the east, opening the Chakras or energy centers are key to good health, vitality and a sense of well being. They impact not only our physical bodies, but our emotional body and thinking as well.

Chakra are both used as metaphor for teaching, and to symbolize very real aspects of our nervous system and biochemical systems.

One of the goals in your yoga practice is to “open” the Chakras, which can also include breaking through existing blocks.

Our goal during this workshop is to provide instruction and tools that will allow you to open your energy centers. Many practitioners feel instant and lasting result from just one Chakra Opening.

During this workshop we will do:

  • 10 minutes easy warm up that will include yoga asana that will focus on the seven main Chakras
  • 10 minutes of sound therapy using seven sounds, one for each Chakra
  • 10-minute breath primer
  • 15 to 20 minutes of the guided Chakra meditation. During this workshop you can sit in a chair, on a yoga mat or mediation cushion. Open for all levels.